Aug 5, 2016: Australia decides it should probably study climate science after all.

Arstechnica’s Sscott Johnson write’s: New science minister intends to offset some of planned cuts. In February, the new leader of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) revealed a plan to lay off almost all of the agency’s climate scientists, along with an equal number of scientists from its Land and Water division. CSIRO […]

Aug 4, 2016: Report claims more than half of UK firms have been hit by ransomware.

Arstechnica’s Tom Mendelsohn writes: Large UK companies are amongst the hardest hit by ransomware in western countries according to a new report commissioned by Malwarebytes. The report found that more than half of large firms had been affected—and that nine percent had been left “entirely unable to operate.” Ransomware is clearly a growth industry in Britain: 58 percent […]

Jul 21, 2016: Firefox to start blocking Flash content in August.

Arstechnica’s Sebastian Anthony writes: Firefox will begin retiring Adobe Flash on August 2 with the release of Firefox 48. In 2017, probably with Firefox 53, Flash plug-ins will require the user to actively click-to-play. In Firefox 48, Mozilla will enable a new Firefox plug-in blocklist by default. Initially the blocklist will be small, mostly containing URLs of Flash […]

Jul 16, 2016: Fake Pokémon Go app on Google Play infects phones with screenlocker.

Ars Technica’s Dan Goodin reports: Badware purveyors trying to capitalize on the ongoing Pokémon Go frenzy have achieved an important milestone by sneaking their fake wares into the official Google Play marketplace, security researchers said Friday. Full story:

Jul 14, 2016: NBN Co signs billion-dollar HFC build deal.

IT News’s Allie Coyne writes: Construction contract goes to six firms. NBN Co has signed a billion-dollar, four-year contract with a consortium of six partners for construction work in the Telstra hybrid-fibre coaxial (HFC) footprint. Lend Lease, Broadspectrum, Fulton Hogan, Downer, ISGM and BSA will tackle the construction of the NBN in Telstra HFC areas, […]

Jul 12, 2016: Pokemon GO: giving hackers direct access to your phone.

Emsisoft’s Haylee Writes: Pokemon GO took the world by storm over one weekend. Clusters of teens and adults alike are sweeping the streets nabbing animated creatures with their mobile phones. With access to your clock and GPS, the app makes Pokemon; augmented animals such as dragons, rats and turtles, appear in the real world around you. As […]