The end of another Year, 2020.

2020 has been a very different year, and with the year coming to an end Cybercrime won’t stop as the year ends. In fact it will continue to be an issue with new threats spruking “Christmas” bargains and end of year deals.

Be aware of the email that you might receive clamming that your Bank account or Paypal has been “frozen”, “Locked” or that you have a delivery that can’t be delivered by a courier company or even Australia Post wanting payment to clear an item held. (Australia post doesn’t ask for payment to clear items).

If the email is not addressed to you personally and just uses a generic name then in most cases it is a scam. I have been seeing a lot of email’s coming into the system claiming that your email box is full or it failed to synchronize. (They never got delivered).

The way ActivateIT setup your email accounts this will never happen, as the email program will delete emails as they are downloaded to your computer. Some are set to do this each time they receive email or after 7-14 days if you access your email on more than one computer/device.

Take note of email’s that claim a company you deal with has changed bank account’s and is now wanting invoice payments sent to a new account. Don’t use the contact information in the email to contact the company, but do a google search or use the white pages and contact them via the Phone to verify that, they have or haven’t changed bank account’s.

Also be aware of any “Invoice” email’s that have a link to view the invoice, instead of attaching a PDF containing the invoice. The same goes for email’s that take you to a Office365 branded login to your email.

The email system that I provide doesn’t use Office 365 or Microsoft hosted email services but my own servers. I already know about your email account and as such don’t need to “verify” your account via a link in an email.

Enjoy the end of year and stay safe.